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Pearl Cotton Size 12 - Greens


Image of Pearl Cotton Size 12 - Greens

All of Weeks Dye Works pearl (also known as perle) cottons are 100% hand over-dyed cotton, with #3 being the thickest and #12 being the finest of the four weights. Each of these fibers is perfect for needlepoint - as well as a variety of other techniques, including blackwork, huck embroidery, tatting, quilt knotting and more - and can be used on different mesh canvases. All four weights work well for the stitches on wool appliqué and penny rugs, too.

#12 is new to the Weeks Dye Works lineup and is great for use in embroidering details. It's also fine enough to go through beads for embellishing, and strong enough to keep the beads in place.

Each spool contains 45 yards.