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Back in Stock! Queen Bee Needle Minder Theader


Image of Back in Stock! Queen Bee Needle Minder Theader

A design by What Brooke Can't Do. A threader minder is a needle threader that doubles as a needle minder. I have created a three magnet system that makes my threader minders unique and very easy to use. One magnet is adhered to the back of the needle threader and there are two loose magnets. One loose magnet goes behind your fabric and one in front of your fabric. Then you place your magnetic threader on top. Now you have your threader easily accessible and can pick up and put down your needle threader without losing it! You can also keep your needle on it just like a needle minder.

Each threader is made with fine, strong wire which is compatible with almost all needle eye sizes. Not only are these threaders beautiful, they are more durable than most fine wire threaders.

These threaders make the perfect gift for stitcher in your life.